Will my daughter receive a written evaluation?

Yes at Team Camp only. Each camper will receive a written evaluation from her coach at the end of camp.

Can I room with a friend?

Yes. At Team Camp, campers are housed in 2-person rooms. Campers can request one roommate.

Who will the camp coaches be?

Team Camps will be staffed by coaches that have coached at the college, professional or national team level and will be assisted by elite level players.

Are there athletic trainers on staff?

Yes. Each camp will have certified athletic trainers on staff.

Is there a camp bank at Team Camp?

Yes. We encourage campers to keep their money in the camp bank. Camp bank deposits will be taken at registration and are available in the on-line registration system. We cannot be responsible for any money not in the camp bank.

Do I need a ball at camp?

Yes. Each camper will need a soccer ball. You can bring one from home or purchase a Nike Soccer Ball from the camp for $25.00.